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An incredible story of the ups and downs of a mother/daughter relationship co starring Natalie Portman

Susan Sarandon - Adele August
Natalie Portman - Ann August
Hart Bochner - Josh Spritzer
Eileen Ryan - Lilian
Shawn Hatosy - Benny
Ray Baker - Ted
John Diehl - Jimmy
Bonnie Bedelia - Carol
Faran Tahir - Hisham Badir
Megan Mullally - Woman who buys the mercedes
Eva Amurri - Girl on TV
A story of a mother who knows best .... and a daughter who knows better
Adele August has never been happy living in Bay city, Wisconsin. After her husband and father of her daughter Ann left, she decides she has to get away from Bay City and she heads to Beverley Hills, LA with her daughter Ann.
        She gets a job and Ann goes to her new school there. They get by but they don't have a lot of money at all and are living in an apartment with nothing much more than a matress on the floor to sleep on.
       When an old friend from Bay City dies, Ann and Adele return home to attend the funeral. Emotions are running high and an argument breaks out and Adele realises she belongs in LA. While Ann still feels occasional hatred towards her mother and believes she is ruining her life, she too goes back.
      Soon Ann is at the age to go to college and she decided secretly that she wants to go to the east coast to study. When Adele reads the letter to say she has got into a college in Rhode Island she is devastated at the thought of having to say goodbye to Ann and live alone. Eventually after a run in with a familiar policeman she comes to her senses and lets Ann go, for the best.
This film is an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. It shows the ups and downs of a mother and teenage daughter relationship perfectly and if you love drama films then this is the film for you.
         Susan Sarandon displays her comedic talents and flexibility in acting brilliantly and Natalie Portman excels at portraying the confused teenager. With two of hollywoods hottest stars on screen together with an ever interesting storyline, this is entertainment heaven.

Screenshot of Susan and Natalie as Adele and Ann

Natalie and Susan at the premiere


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