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The true meanings of Susans name here and what her starsign says about her.

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What Susan's birth name means?
Susan - This literally means " a lily", "a rose" and "trusting" - Hebrew and anglo saxon.
Abigail - i have looked this name up a lot and different meanings keep coming up. I had "Fathers joy", "God is Joy" and " Fountain of Joy". If anyone knows the meaning, email me
Tomalin - Tomalin comes from the name Thomas. There are a huge number of surnames that origin from this one from all over the world. Tomalin however is an English surname. Thomas means twin, in biblical terms he is the person who doubted Jesus's resurrection.
Susan's starsign
Susan being born on October 4th is a Libra. Librans are impulsive people emotionally. They like to be loved and to care depply for other people. They can get quite depressed if the feel unwanted or left out. Librans are often bad at making decisions, purely because they don't like doing it and taking the risk. Librans go with the flow and are usually very laid back. They are very affectionate and loving people who are also interested in people as a whole. They love to entertain people wherever possible and are the biggest astrological spenders!
                Librans have a deceptive appearance, they can look soft but they can be tough and sometimes selfish underneath. This starsign is known to be dedicated to marraige but a large proportion also prefer to be single, mainly after a long relationship comes to an end to prevent themself getting hurt again. Apparently Librans are the best people to tell secrets to because they only half listen and forget what you have said almost instantly. Librans are stuck between constantly trying to cooperate and keeping everyone happy and expressing their own opinions. The best type of job they can have is working as part of an organisation but being able to make there own decisions at the same time.
             Some Librans are shy and quiet but others are strong and confident with great leadership qualities. All Librans are charming and very diplomatic. They are also very sophisticated and have a strong sense of justice. They have an image which is attractive and this depends on there status. Being experimental, Librans are not always the most faithful of partners and are terrible flirts, but as they love giving and recieving affection they love romance.
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