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Alfie 2004

Remake of 60's classic Alfie which starred Michael Caine

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Jude Law - Alfie
Susan Sarandon - Liz
Sienna Miller - Nikki
Nia Long - Lonette
Omar Epps - Marlon
Anastacia Griffiths - Chyna
Jane Krakowski - Dorie
Adoni Maropis - Farooz
Marjan Neshat - Lindy
Kevin Rahm - Terry
Finlay Robertson - Kev
Tara Summers - Carol
Marisa Tomei - Julie
Release date - October 22nd 2004
Certificate - 15
Alfie (Law) is a womaniser, hes used women all his life and doesn't know any different. He can seduce any woman he wants and if at first he doesn't succeed he tries and tries again until he does. Alfie soon meets his match though and is about to learn the hard way.
            Alfie becomes a chauffeur to a high class, rich society woman Liz (Sarandon). Soon the two of them start to use each other. Alfie wants Liz to sponsor him and Liz wants a bit of fun to compensate for her old husband. The tables have been turned however and Liz becomes the first woman to use him. She soon casts him aside for a male model.
           Alfie is left devastated and to try and win back some of his pride revisits some of his past conquests. WIll Alfie finally commit to one woman, continue to chase Liz, or keep living the life of a bachelor?
When i went to see Alfie i was expecting a lot and for me it didn't disappoint me. I happen to think Jude Law is very attractive and i was looking forward to seeing him portray such a definative character.
       Jude sure did do a brilliant job of recreating Michael Caine's role. He was charming, charismatic and cool. These aspects make him hugely attractive to the female roles in the movie and its no surprise they all fall for him. The female roles in the movie mainly Nia Long, Marisa Tomei and Jane Krakowski also stand out in there own separate ways and Sienna Miller is showing huge potential as being a huge star.
      However out of all the female roles Susan Sarandon is the strongest. She plays a female version of Alfie and has the job of dumping Jude Law for a younger model. She looks great in the movie and this kind of role is perfect for her.
    Overall i would recommend this movie. A lot of people were against the remake being done but be prepared to give this movie the chance it deserves.
Rating - 7.5/10