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The Banger Sisters is a feel good, hilarious comedy starring Susan Sarandon (obviously), Goldie Hawn and Geoffery Rush

Susan Sarandon - Lavinia Kingsley
Goldie Hawn - Suzette
Geoffery Rush - Harry Plumber
Erika Christensen - Hannah
Eva Amurri - Ginger
Robin Thomas - Raymond Kingsley
Matthew Carey - Jules
Age Certificate
Some friendships last forever .... Like it or not
Suzette (Hawn) is a free spirited, care free woman and a former groupie. Suzette has remained in the kind of lifestyle she had when she was in college, but gets sacked from her job in a bar. Whilst looking at some old college photos she decides to go and take a trip to Phoenix to visit her old best friend and partner in crime Vinnie. They were former groupies and were" famous" for it, whilst they were famous someone gave them there name; The Banger sisters. On the way down there she picks up eccentric Harry Plumber.  More than 20 years has passed since they last saw each other and when Suzette does see Vinnie shes more than surprised.
            Vinnie has married a lawyer, lives in a big house with a swimming pool, has 2 kids and is calling herself Lavinia. When they do meet, Vinnie doesn't recognise Suzette at first but when she does she asks her to get out of her life in return for $5000. Suzette leaves without the money and goes to stay with Harry. Suzette and Harry begin to grow closer and the next day much to Suzettes surprise, Vinnie comes round to apologise.
            Vinnie invites Suzette round for dinner and whilst they are sitting at the table, Vinnies family start to make fun of the idea of her and Suzette ever going to rock concerts because of her being so conservative now. Vinnie suddenly realises that she is not being her real self at all and her true personality comes shining through again. Suzette takes Vinnie clubbing again and they have the time of there lives reliving old memories.
          Vinnies family are shocked when they see the change of image in which she has undergone but instead blame Suzette. Meanwhile Harry is losing it, as Suzette has told him she never wants to see him again. Vinnie and Suzette save the day and arrive back just in time for Vinnies daughter Hannah's speech at her graduation. Vinnies family finally learn to accept her for what she is and Suzette returns to where she belongs Los Angeles. They promise to keep in touch and not to lose contact like the last time and Suzette and Harry drive off into the sunset and back to LA.
The Banger sisters is a heart warming story about how strong friendships can be to last over two decades. The Banger sisters had me laughing all the way through and some bits even made me cry i was laughing so much.
              This film stars 3 oscar winners and everywhere that i have looked doesn't really have very good reviews, but for actors and actresses who usually don't do comedies they did a fantastic job.  Susan Sarandon, Goldie Hawn and Geoffery Rush make a great trio and with all three characters together will almost undoubtedly make you laugh.
            One of the greatest new actresses that made her debut in this movie is Eva Amurri, who is coincidentally Susan's daughter off screen as well as on screen in this film. Watching the two of them argue in the banger sisters was hilarious and i'm sure we will be seeing a lot more of her in the future.
            There is one part which spoils the movie a little bit and thats the speech that Erika Christensan delivers at the graduation about " doing it true". I thought this was a bit cheesy but thats the only downfall of the whole movie.
          Overall this movie is worth watching if your into comedies. I would watch it again as i love this film, it never fails to make me laugh. I'm not normally the person for comedies as i think they are getting worse as the years go on but this one was an exception in my eyes.
Great comedy, some people might say its a weak storyline, but the comedy performances were fabulous on all parts.




The Banger sisters ........... 2002 ......... co starring Goldie Hawn, Geoffery Rush and Eva Amurri