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Oprah: What is that hair? You've had a lot of hairdos I like that one. But I would think that it is harder, but most people think that it's easier, but it's harder, to kiss somebody you know and like.

Julia: No, no ??. It was traumatic. It's like kissing your brother.

Oprah: For you a different thing (looking at Susan); but for me like kissing my brother and Tim and I were coming up, cause we made up all that stuff up, we ask at breakfast, "What'll we do today?" And first we decided ... we did this thing ... where we had like weird cartoons fixations with these weird people we were playing and so he was being Casper the Friendly Ghost, so I kissed him for a whole day through a sheet. So we never had to touch lips. And my lips were burned off my face from that sheet all day, you know. And then finally, Altman (Robert the director) said OK. All this sheet kissing - enough already. And, so it was then you just really had to place your thoughts elsewhere. And I speak for both us cause we both ... I mean we laughed a lot and I mean it was just like kissing your brother.

Susan: I'm happy to hear this.

Oprah: (Looking at Julia) You have an incredible performance in this movie.

Julia: Oh thanks.

Oprah: Incredible performance, and everytime (interrupted by audience clapping). Really, really good.

Julia: Thank you.

Oprah: Do you think it's your finest work? I think it's your finest work to date.

Julia: Huh, thanks! You know it a real like grown-up person; with an interesting complex set of problems that go beyond what do I wear, curly or straight, so it is sort of, I think it's the most I have to do with an evolved character.

Oprah: Yea. Yea. When we come back, will Julia Roberts ever reunite with Richard Gere in a movie.

Julia: No!

Oprah: Well no need to come back. No need to come back for that one. She already answered it. We'll be back with something else.

Oprah: When Richard Gere was here he talked about meeting Julia for the first time for an audition in Pretty Woman. This is what he said:

[Scene with Richard Gere, talking about working with Julia]
I said okay, I'd like to meet Julia cause Julia was in it at that point and so they came over to my office and Julia came first and she was this scrubbed little girl, she looked about 14 years old, and cute as a button, and we set down and started talking and I said, absolutely, this is going to work.

Julia: Absolutely.

Oprah: He was so nervous that day.

Julia: So nervous. He was so nervous. I talked to him before and he said you know I'm going off to do Oprah and I'm a wreck and I said no, don't be a wimp.

Oprah: Yeah, don't be a wimp with me!

Julia: He was nervous.

Oprah: Then you do that video tape for him. You've reunited, you are reuniting, we were just kidding.

Julia: Oh yeah. We're doing a film, we actually start on Monday, so I gotta go, it's called "Runaway Bride."

Oprah: What's that about?

Julia: It's about, it's so goofy.

Oprah: It's not the sequel to Pretty Woman.

Julia: It's not at all and it's the first script that Richard and I have agreed upon in the ten years since we made Pretty Woman and it's about, he plays a journalist who writes a scathing little story about a person he's never met, who lives in a small town and he uses her as the icon of how horrible women are to men, and it's me. And he consequently gets fired from his job and he comes to the town where I live to prove his case and get his job back because, you know, the character that I play does this thing like, panics at the last second at walking down the isle and bolts for the door and she's done it three times and she's about to get married again during the movie and so Richard has come to document the potential ...

Oprah: Final bolting.

Julia: Well, yeah.

Oprah: So are you feeling what, getting back together with Richard again?

Julia: Well, and our director is Gary Marshall who directed Pretty Woman, so it's like a little family reunion and you know like they call me all the time, what should we do with the hair and it's all this, so you know, it's nice cause it's familiar people and we all kinda know what we're getting ourselves into and that it will be fun.

Oprah: Okay. Susan co-starred in Dead Man Walking with Sean Penn, also nominated for his brilliant performance. Here is what he had to say about working with Susan.

Sean Penn: Tim Robbins came to me with this really wonderful script and last thing in the world I thought I wanted to do at the time was act but here was this wonderful script and it was with Susan and I said "yes, yes". It was the first time I found myself, I wasn't thinking about audiences, I wasn't thinking Mom or Dad, I wasn't thinking of the director, camera, I wanted to impress Susan......They've asked, how do you do a movie with Susan Sarandon and not fall in love with her -- you don't.

Oprah: Wow.

Susan: How sweet!

Oprah: We'll be back, back in a moment.

[More of clip with Mel Gibson talking about working with Julia]
Mel Gibson: When you work with Julia it's very, she's very polished and very specific and focused and I just got a hell of a kick just working with you, it's like really nice to sort of bounce off of somebody who gives and takes and registers and is completely ready to sorta go with something that's like not planned.
Oprah: Is there in the moment.
Mel: Yeah, it's cool. It's nice.
Oprah: And for you:
Julia: He's sweet isn't he? I know this man, this is a great man, I mean everybody swoons cause he's handsome and all that, but he's just a thousand million things other than that (Mel hacks into a handkerchief - lots of laughter).

Oprah: That of course was the one and only Mel Gibson with Julia Roberts talking about their movie Conspiracy Theory. Now Julia's teamed up with Susan Sarandan in a new movie called Step Mom which opens Christmas Day. Right now, okay, you all just saw it, so the people, I say all the time, I only have people on who's movie's I like, that's my new thing for this season, if I don't like your movie I'm not going to talk to you about it. But those of you who saw it, tell me your deepest impression, what you took away from this movie, who is burning to say something about it? Yes Mam, [Audience members relate their thoughts to Stepmom after having seen a special showing of the movie]

Person 1: I really hope that this is something that people will watch and parents, stepmothers and natural biological mothers will take away from this that it means a lot to children to have a friendship grow, um and I think that was the lesson I took away was, man I wish this were more realistic, my parents are divorced, I know friends who are divorced and I can't even say my Stepmom's name in front of my mom because there is so much hurt, I really think one of the messages in this movie is that come together for the kids, it makes like so much better.

Oprah: You should take your mom to the movie, it opens Christmas Day. Yes Mam.

Person 2: I'm not a Stepmom, but I am a mom and this movie made me realize how everything we say in front of our kids or to our kids, they take so personally and the worst thing you can do is take your hatred for another person out on your kids.

Oprah: Good, that's good. Okay, I know there are men who saw this movie or did they kick y'all off the bus. But you standing up, you go ahead. Yes Mam?

Person 3: I just thought it was great that Julia's character did not give up on these children either, cause she was so cool, she kept her temper and was very loving and even though she wasn't given a large part of the movie, but she didn't walk out on them which, you know it's also hurtful to see parents dating other people and their coming and going out of their lives and she was dedicated to making it work.

Oprah: You know, I was thinking that during the movie, oh the script is written that way, that's why she's hanging in there. Boy, that's great of Julia to hang in there. What do you want to say?

Person 4 (male): Was there much crying going on the set, like when filming this cause I know in the theaters tissue was flying everywhere.

Oprah: You mean other people observing them cry?

Person 4: While you were taping the scenes, were there like tearful moments?

Julia: Even in rehearsal, when Susan and I rehearsed just sitting in an office across the table from each other, the scene that we have in the bar together, I was bawling like baby, I said I'll never read that scene again til the camera's moving.

Person 4: Cause I know the scene that got me most was toward the end where Susan went one-on-one with each of the kids, I kinda got teary-eyed myself.

Oprah: Did you pull out a handkerchief?

Person 4: No, but I came close.

Oprah: Yes Mam?

Person 5: I was going to say the same thing. I'm also a single parent of three but I'm also very young and I had a scare recently with cancer and what I got most out of the movie was that I'm usually a very uptight mother, very want my kids to do it my way or no way, but I think you have to live and grow with your children because you only get one chance to do it.

Oprah: You got it, back there.

Person 6: I just want to say I'm a Stepmom to her kids (nodding to person next to her) and she chose to share her children with me and we have a fantastic relationship and the kids are so much better off cause of this.

Oprah: You all saw this movie together? Oh great! Susan and her Stepmom, Adele, relate literally to this movie, when Susan was only 11 years old her mother died and Adele, where's Adele ..

Julia: I thought she was talking about you for a second (talking to Susan Sarandon), I thought am I missing something?

Oprah: Had to take on the role of Stepmom.

Susan (in audience): It was difficult, coming into a new home where my mother wasn't there anymore, having to live under her rules and her set of things and her way of doing it, having come from a different way, just like her character was so perfect and I can totally relate,

Oprah: So y'all saw this together?

Susan: Oh Yeah.

Oprah: What was that like?

Adele: Oh we cried.

Susan: First time I ever saw my stepmother cry in a movie, ever.

Oprah: Really?

Susan: Oh yes, it was touching, it brought home you know, how difficult, you know I wasn't quite as bratty as the girl, mouthy as the girl, but you know

Adele: You knew there wasn't going to be another mom.

Susan: The first thing when I walked in the house, I went from seeing my mother taken away in an ambulance to going to live in my Dad's house in the same day and it was like she's not my mom and dad's like, don't talk like that and she's like "that's right, I'm only here to be your friend, I don't want to," and now she is my mom, the best thing that ever happened to me.

Oprah: What do you suggest we call this movie? (audience responds) Always what? Always, Always? Well, it's not going to change, it's just our idea. In their new movie called Stepmom, Susan plays a divorced mom who gets cancer and has to overcome her jealously to teach the new wife Julia, how to be a good mother to her children once she is gone, that's basically it. Take a look.

[Scene from Stepmom]
Susan: Did you think that I didn't have some dirty words for that little putz, that I couldn't figure out some low blows?
Julia: You weren't passing them out.
Susan: I believe in a crisis you have an opportunity to learn something.
Julia: That's deep.
Susan: It was a lie. Winning without dignity or grace is not winning. She has to figure out who she is so she can stand up to peer pressure so that she can steer her own course.
Julia: She wasn't steering her own course, she was steering yours.
Susan: Well, that's what parenting is all about little girl. They are pleading for you to tell them how to do the right thing and sure as hell, that's what you have done and the next time something happens and the stakes are really high, she's going to look back on this and she's going to remember how easy it was and how good it felt.
Julia: And she's going to stand up for herself. Dear God, what have I done?
Susan: You have turned her into you.

Oprah: Beautiful performances from you both. Thank you for sharing and audience, thank you, you got it, don't you love a movie that not only makes you cry but opens your heart a little wider and based on all the things you are saying here today, I can see that you're stretched just a little wider, your heart opened a little, I can see your heart open a little wider.

Julia: And I just want to say and I think everyone kinda mentioned it, it's about that we all have power and its recognizing that power that we all have on each other and within a family and children have power, taller people have power, we all have power and we have to recognize that that when we relate to one another that you're using your power with someone so use it in a productive good way as opposed to a negative, destructive way.

Oprah: That's what we're trying to do everyday. Stepmom, Christmas Day, Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts. Next, remembering your spirit.

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