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About me

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For anyone whos interested heres a little about me ....

Hi my names Emily and i've made and ran this website for about a year now and i've been a fan of her work for about a year and a half. Heres some information about me. 
Live - The Midlands - England
Age - 16
First film of Susan's i saw - Stepmom
Favourite Susan film - Thelma and Louise
Favourite Role shes played - Reggie Love in the Client and Annie Savoy in Bull Durham
Other Actresses i like - Megan Mullally (Will and Grace, The Pact), Emma Thompson (Love Actually, Much ado about Nothing), Diane Keaton (Somethings gotta Give, The first wives club) and Jennifer Saunders (Shrek 2, Absolutely Fabulous)
Actors i like - Alan Rickman (Harry Potter, Love Actually), Sean Hayes (Will and Grace) David Schwimmer (Friends, Band of Brothers) and Richard Gere (Shall we dance, Chicago)
Favourite TV programme - Will and Grace
Well i thinks thats all you need to know so enjoy the website : - )

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