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Video Links
Film Society of Lincoln centre tribute
Susan's Award show dresses
Flowchart - Which Susan character are you?
Premiere photos
What Susan's name really means
Stepmom Interview featuring Julia Roberts
Alfie 2004

Here are some links of Susan. More coming soon...

Susan chats on CBS news, Click on the link below to watch Susan being answering questions on her films such as Shall we dance? and her personal life. 
Susan and Goldie Hawn appearing on the Graham Norton show whilst in England promoting the release of The Banger sisters.
Susan again appears on The Graham Norton this time alone. Asking the wrong question ...
Susan speaks on Parkinson about her new film Elizabethtown, her sons watching her more racier films and her views on plastic surgery. 22/10/05 *Most recent*
Clip of Susan's story on the biography channel. Brief clip where the Banger sisters, her political views and her Hollywood star on the walk of fame. Click Here.
Susan's UNICEF video pleading for people to unite gainst AIDS. Click here.
f anyone knows the whereabouts of any more interviews on the net please let me know and i'll put them on the site. Thanks!

Fun stuff
Susan gives a birthday present to remember in this hysterical clip from Mad Tv. Click here
Susan stars as  a funny, rather frustrated tooth fairy also from Mad Tv. Click here
Would you like to fly with this merry bunch? find out in yet another funny  starring Susan from Mad Tv. Click here
Susan and other celebs talk about their high school prom in this clip. Click here.