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Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon

[Continuation of Orangantun Special ...]

Julia: Okay, a little goes a long way. I find myself forgetting -- I am with an orangutan. It's more like playing let's pretend with my niece. Today I have a job that very few people will ever get a chance to try. Surrogate mother to an orphan infant orangutan. I'm going to be looking after three-month old Hughie. (lots of laughter) You just put your finger up my nose. Now Hughie is peeing down my neck. (more laughter) I think Hughie has had a nice day playing with my face. Like having a little baby, he's going to sleep. This day has been one of the best days of my entire life.

Oprah: That is amazing.

Julia: Yeah.

Oprah: What made you want to do that?

Julia: Well, actually, Susan was suppose to do it and she couldn't go and I was the back-up.

Susan: But then I couldn't do it. --

Julia: But, you know the great thing was I got involved with these people to make this movie and then I could only go during the rainy season, which is apparently a bad idea, and so they postponed it for another nine months and then we all went off, I didn't even know where I was going, it took like a week to get there, and I had the most amazing time imaginable. It was remarkable. It was absolutely remarkable.

Oprah: Because?

Julia: Because these animals are, they are like people. You think you're with people and one of the great myths that I really like about orangutans is that they're actually so smart that they do know how to talk but they keep quiet for fear of being put to work.

Oprah: So during the trip I hear that you had an experience, an encounter, that made your head spin. Is that true? And your heart pounded a little bit?

Julia: Well, the anti-is of Hughie would be Kusasie who weighs I think about 500 pounds and in that he's hugging me, it look sweet, but what happened is, and the thing is they're really gentle and sweet and they actually in the movie cut a section of my encounter out because we didn't want to scare people, but I was just a life-size Barbie to him I think and he first pulled me into his lap, which is really intense, but then when one of the guys came up, sorta showed him that maybe we need to let him go and I started to move, he grabbed me by the throat, just to hold on and it wasn't like he was intending to choke me, but I couldn't breath, and what's interesting is that in the movie because I had a microphone on my bra, you can hear my heart in the background going faster and faster and faster, cause I thought he was going to kill me, not meaning to, but he can hold his body weight with one finger so four of them are on my throat holding on. It's like you trying to take a doll away from a child an he's just saying, not ready to let go.

Oprah: That is fascinating. Do you wish you could have done it now after seeing it?

Susan: Not after hearing that story. No I wanted to do it, but I wanted to do it with my kids and there was some ....

Julia: Shots, lots of shots.

Susan: There was some discussion on how safe it would be for children.

Oprah: What do you see yourself doing if you weren't acting?

Susan: Oh gosh, I don't know. Probably working with people somehow. I don't know, I'm a people person. I think there are lots of things that would interest me.

Oprah: Julia? Would you want to do more of that -- exploring?

Julia: I'd like to a lot more...

Oprah: That was really interesting.

Julia: Well, and actually the people that I made that movie with were going to do another one next year, all the same group, do it again cause we had so much fun, it was such a great adventure and I wanted to go someplace cold where I could wear a hat and fabulous scarves and stuff cause out there in a stinky old tee-shirt, gets a little old, but I think we're going to Australia in their summer where it will be about as hot as it can be in the world.

Oprah: Coming up, my favorite Susan Sarandon moment from the movie "Stepmom" Back in a moment.

Oprah: You met and fell in love during the filming of the movie "Bull Durham"

Susan: Well, we fell in friendship first.

Oprah: Fell in friendship first -- isn't that good.

Susan: It's much better, broader base than just lust.

Oprah: You keep your perspective.

Susan: Well, I think there's somewhere to go after that ...

Oprah: Was there a particular day or scene, like we're going to look at a scene, was there a moment.

Tim: Definitely when she tied me up .... You found respect right there.

Oprah: That was of course Tim Robbins and Susan when they were here together a while back. They have a busy household with three children and two working parents. Do you want to work with him again?

Susan: I just did something, a little part in a movie that has a cast, a huge cast, that he directed this summer.

Oprah: That's great. It was wonderful having you guys here. And seeing you get the OSCAR!

Susan: Thanks.

Oprah: I know you said that the last time you were here that the children come first and that you turned down roles because you can't be with the children or take the children.

Susan: You make it sound like, I'm you know, very self-sacrificing, but in fact, I don't get many offers that are more interesting than they are, actually, so I just prefer to stay with them and drag them with me when I am working so I try to just work during the school year in New York, which is one of the reasons we, as producers, we were able to do it exactly to the kids schedule in, during the school year and in the summer I take off that time.

Oprah: Okay. This movie opens December 25, so you finish the turkey, you get all the presents, you can take the kids, bring your handkerchiefs and cry, cry, cry. Be happy and laugh and cry. Both Julia and Susan, of course, have both been nominated for academy awards, Julia twice and Susan four times, in 1996 as we just said, Susan won for her dramatic role in "Dead Man Walking" and remember, I talked with you at the Oscars on the red carpet shortly before you won, you remember what had just happened?

Susan: Yeah.

Oprah: Obviously they're going to run that clip, here goes.

[Clip of Oprah interviewing Susan and Tim on their way into the Academy Awards the year "Dead Man Walking" was released.]
Oprah: Wow, Susan honey, oh my god, how did they do this and this, the color the hair, the whole thing.
Susan: More interesting is how did I break my earrings on the way over here?
Oprah: Thanks -- so you do. Have you discussed what happens if one of you wins and the other one doesn't?
Tim: If she doesn't win Hollywood burns tonight.
Oprah: That's pretty good. What are we going to do about the earrings?
Susan: Nothing. I'm just going to be au natural, like somewhere between a nun and glamour.
Tim: A no earring look.
Oprah: Was that a moment in the car when you broke the earring though?>
Susan: That was a good moment. I think Chanel is going to have a moment too when I take them back.

Oprah: While I was watching Stepmom, which opens again Christmas Day, there was a moment in particular that had me saluting Susan Sarandon's performance. If you never tried it, crying on cue is a unique gift. Watch as Susan nails this, nails it.

[Clip from Stepmon when Susan and Ed are talking about telling the children that there Mother has cancer.]
Ed: I think it's going to be hard for the kids and I was hoping we could tell them together.
Susan: And that's going to make it easier for the kids? Or for you. Cause you know, you can't just decide to be a we and us whenever it's convenient for you.
Ed: We?
Susan: We are over.
Ed: We are still their parents for the next hundred years.
Susan: Why, just tell me why you think this marriage is going to work and ours didn't.

Julia: You notice he doesn't answer!

Susan: He doesn't answer.

Julia: He doesn't answer, that's a good thing, he doesn't try.

Oprah: But that was really, I know the hardest thing to do is to come up with it when, and then say nothing, and then figure out where to go from there. As we've said, Julia and Susan and Tim are all good pals. So what was it like for Julia to passionately kiss Tim in a scene from the movie "Pret-A-Porter"? Take a look.

[Shows the scene is shown where Julia and Tim are in the hotel room in Paris]

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