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A tragic story of a stepmoms battle to fit in with her fiancees kids and his ex wife. But when his ex wife falls tragically ill they have to stick together to get themselves through it all.

Susan Sarandon - Jackie Harrison
Julia Roberts - Isabel Kelly
Ed Harris - Luke Harrison
Jena Malone - Anna Harrison
Liam Aiken - Ben Harrison
Lynn Whitfield - Dr P Sweikert
Directed by Chris Columbus
Be there for the joy
Be there for the tears
Be there for each other
Jackie and Luke have been divorced for 4 years and have two beautiful children together Anna and Ben who they share custody of. Jackie however is struggling to accept Lukes newest girlfriend Isabel who he lives with. Jackie and Isabel have a bitter relationship and Anna and Ben think of Isabel as there wicked stepmother.
      Luke tells Jackie that hes serious about Isabel and soon proposes much to the disgust of his children and to the upset of Jackie. Meanwhile Jackie is diagnosed with cancer and is unable to share this information with anybody and attempts to handle it alone. Jackie sneaks off for regular chemotherapy until Isabel discovers her secret.
     Isabel shares the information with Luke and Jackie and him break the news to the kids together who don't handle it well. After making up with the children and calming them down Jackie has a long talk with Anna and Ben to try and make them accept Isabel into their lives. They're then faced with another bombshell when Jackie is told that her cancer has spread and is terminal.
    At a very emotional christmas holiday, Jackie and Isabel meet in private and discuss there problems with each other. Somehow they manage to agree and a truce is finally in sight. As Christmas day arrives Jackie says an emotional goodbye to each of her children in turn.
Stepmom has to be one of my all time favourite films. It never fails to make me cry during the intense scenes. One of my particular favourite scenes is the one in which Susan and the children are singing and dancing to Marvin Gayes 'Aint no mountain high enough'.
       Stepmom is a movie that i can never get bored with and the acting is outstanding. Susan and Julia provide the awkwardness between the ex wife and the 'other woman' perfectly and Susan provides the emotional side of the movie with her realisation that she is never going to see her children again.
      If you love weepy films see this movie and make sure that you have the tissues ready because you will cry! This movie will stick in your mind due to its brilliance and powerfulness.
9.5/10 - Loved it!





Stepmom...............1998.................Julia Roberts, Ed Harris, Jena Malone, Liam Aiken